New York-based Israeli guitarist and vocalist Dida has a particular talent for storytelling. Whether it be a jazz standard, a scorching blues number, an old country ballad, or a heartfelt original “Dida sings in a voice sometimes playful, warm, resonant, no frills. She sings the words, giving them their meaning, their weight, with perfect diction and charm." (Jazz Hot, France)


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Dida sings the Lost Women of Song at Barbes

B A R B È S, 376 9th St, , Brooklyn, NY 11215

Interpreting some remarkable songs and the mysterious stories behind a group of underground female artists, some hardly known and others under recognized, who wrote music and lyrics often well ahead of their time. From 1950s singer-songwriter Connie Converse and self-taught American blues guitarist Elizabeth Cotten to Molly Drake, Mistress Mary, Tia Blake and Norma Tanega.